North East Region E.G. A.T.C. Swap Rules

The aim of this Swap is for members of the Embroiderers' Guild in the North East Region to discover and participate in the creation and trading of A.T.C.'s - full title Artists Trading Cards.  A.T.C.s have been a rapidly growing interest for artists working in a variety of media since their introduction by a Swiss artist called Vanci Stirnemann around 10 years ago.

There are now lots of books and websites devoted to the subject e.g. How to make Fabric Artist Trading Cards, Art in your pocket ATC's and many more - just enter Textile ATC's or similiar in Google to find lots more.

Last year members of the Scottish Region took part in a regional swap and inspired the North East Region to try the same.  You can see some of their cards here

There are very few rules:-

1.  They must measure 2 1/2  x 3 1/2 inches
2.  They must have the name of the artist and the date on the back
3.  They can only be traded, never sold.

That is it!  Any technique, any design, any materials, any embellishments. Just lots of fun and a good opportunity to try out new techniques and ideas on a small scale.  Happy Stitching!!