How to take part


To participate, you will:
  1. Contact me (Pat) by posting a comment on the Textile Treasures blog indicating that you'd like to join in the Swop or contacting me via email. Once we've connected, email me with your real name and your branch and URL of your blog, if you have one. I'll respond with an invitation to become an author of this blog.
  2. Make an ATC.
  3. If you are already an author, post a photo of your ATC. If you don't want to become an author or post your own  photos, you may also email them to me and I'll post them on your behalf.
  4. I will keep a record of who is participating and randomly select another member who will swop with you.  I hope most swops will take place face to face at the next Regional Day but those members who are not able to attend can contact me and I will organise a postal swop.
  5. You can make as many ATC's as you like and where possible each card will be swopped with a different person.